Jeroen Smits by Jean-Baptiste Mondino - Numéro Homme #27, SS14


Jeroen Smits by Jean-Baptiste Mondino - Numéro Homme #27, SS14

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Anonymous ASKED:
oh my god what breed are your dogs? they are GORGEOUS
batfaggery answered:

Harold (the big one) is an Airedale Terrier, and Max (the little old one) is a Lakeland Terrier. Danke!

I was eating boiled eggs
look at it
look at his fucking face

Nikon N4004, 35mm Kodak 400Model: Harold

Nikon N4004, 35mm Kodak 400
Model: Harold

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Nah sorry

Re: this post, gotta put my hand up here and say there is such thing as a ghetto name. A ghetto name is a name which has originated from a ghetto; same way a Hebrew name or a Spanish name or even a commonly Australian name exists. Ghetto names exist because a community re-uses and re-appropriates certain names regularly, so they become associated with that culture. I’m not even comfortable with the exclusive association of black people and ghettos, but to speak colloquially, I will use the term.

It doesn’t mean they’re humorous or kitsch or worth less than names like Charles. But they do exist.

a public service announcement: feminism is not misandry

I know perhaps it’s useful when introducing the president or a singer or calming a rioting crowd of journalists but as soon as you say “ladies and gentlemen” all I hear is “this is mambo number five”

the other day I was talking to a girl I just met about her penicillin allergy

"are you anaphylactic?"

"yeah but my fallopian tubes don’t swell up"

she meant esophagus

I had to disconnect my face from my brain to stop laughing you don’t even know the visions I was having

imagine having a mouth baby

Léon Bonvin - The Rosebush (1863)

Léon Bonvin - The Rosebush (1863)

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